Royalty Free FPS Announcer

Royalty free samples for FPS games inspired by the Halo announcer. I really liked the Halo announcer growing up so I made this in a similar style.

You must credit “” in any project this is used for. You have permission to change and modify the audio for personal and commercial use,

In order the quotes are:

5 4 3 2 1
New Game
Round Start
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
New Player
Double Kill
Triple Kill
Team kill
An enemy has your flag
An ally has an enemy flag
Enemy is taking point A
Enemy is taking point B
Enemy is taking point C
Enemy has taken point A
Enemy has taken point B
Enemy has taken point C
Enemy controls all points
Ally is taking point A
Ally is taking point B
Ally is taking point C
Your Team has taken point A
Your Team has taken point B
Your Team has taken point C
Your team controls all points
Allied flag returned
Enemy flag returned
Bomb Planted
Bomb Defused
Red Team Wins
Blue Team Wins
Switching sides
Enemy needs 15 points to win
Enemy needs 10 points to win
Enemy needs 5 points to win
Enemy needs 1 point to win
Lead lost
You have taken the lead
Your team has taken the lead
Your team is dominating
You are being dominated
10 Minutes remaining
5 Minutes remaining
2 Minutes remaining
1 Minute remaining
30 Seconds remaining
15 Seconds remaining
Round Over
Round Won
Round Lost
Game Over