Royalty for free cryptocurrency giveaway?

I will be releasing a cryptocurrency exchange soon which has its own utility token. I want to distribute this token via a simple free UE4 game. I will not be making any money from the game itself, it is merely a free giveaway. But I will make money from fees if this token is traded on my exchange. I am also hoping to make the game available to other token creators who can use it to distribute their coins, again this will be free.

I am just wondering if I will have to pay royalties forever for this, when the game was just used and discontinued for my purposes within a week before I even launch my exchange.

Any clarification would be great.

So the game is the only way to get new tokens?

Will you be tracking the origin of coins when they go through the exchange?

No there are many ways. Such as pre-registering, competitions etc…
The game will be a fun way for people who put in more time to collect extra coins.

I hadn’t planned to do that, although in theory it would be possible to do it inter-exchange from initial giveaways, as they will be tied to their exchange account. The coin will be an ERC token so people can withdraw it to their personal wallets. I will not know the origin of any of the coins should they be deposited from the blockchain.

Also if someone has 30 coins and 15 are from a giveaway, while the rest are traded from another coin, and the user then trades some of them, it becomes a bit messy to decide if they trade “giveaway” coins or not. Suppose could do it as a ratio of both.

I guess what you are trying to get at, is I would owe a revenue of any fees made from the exchange of coins which were given away in the game? I appreciate this is probably unknown territory

Thinking about it now. Perhaps an easier way of doing it, is to just take the 5% revenue off the percentage of coins given away through the game. For instance if 40% of the total coins are distributed through the game, then you guys get 2% of revenue generated from the exchange. Does this sound reasonable? I am thinking of allowing other tokens to use it as well for free, so not sure how it would work… as I don’t have control of their coins, and now it starts to get complicated. What about if you guys get 3% (just a random figure) of the total number of coins that would be distributed?

Wezrule, can you please reach out to us at to discuss this further.

I have done so, thanks

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