Royalty fee

so i just downloaded ue4 and i see this pay 5% royalty fee when the game released how much does the royalty fee cost exactly?

You can earn $3,000 per game per quarter, and then you pay 5% of any money you earn above that.

so we must pay 5% of our profits in that quarter?

Not IN that quarter. You don’t know what your revenue (revenue, not profit!) is yet! :slight_smile: I’m not sure what the deadline is for paying, but it won’t be midnight, the last day of the quarter.

Just put 5% aside, and you’ll be fine.

Please read the EULA and FAQ for more details.

From the FAQ:

You also need to fill out a form notifying us when you release your game: Release and Royalty Tracking Guidelines - Unreal Engine

Michael Noland

So if I earn $2900 through my game A, and earn $500 in game B, do I have to pay royalties? Or it’s completely per app/game?


Michael Noland