[ROYALTY] Extinction Event: Nanite Apocalypse™

Project Title**:**
Extinction Event: Nanite Apocalypse™


Multi-player survival mode open world MMO set in a futuristic environment

  • Base building
  • Weapon and Essential Gear Crafting
  • Health, Stamina, and hunger system
  • Skill tree
  • Limited fast travel

Team Name**:**
Tempest Productions, LLC®

Team Structure**:**
Project Manager - Concept: Allan J. Ashinoff (Published Sci-fi Author, IT professional)
Blueprint Scripting: Jason Termaat

Tempest Productions LLC has been working on Extinction Event Nanite Apocalypse for three years with a global team of 4-6. Recently our lives have pulled us in different directions and while the project finds itself closer to Beta testing stage it is without a small team to bring the project home.

We have a tiled world. We have ¾ of the systems we require, we have a sufficient quantity of character models, we have buildings and nature meshes and fully though out concepts and ideas to make Extinction Event: Nanite Apocalypse stand apart uniquely in the marketplace.

Talent Required:

Modeler, Generalist (Environment, some creation but mostly placement and resource optimization)
Modeler, Generalist (Futuristic Structures - buildings, bridges, etc.)
Modeler, Generalist (Futuristic Weapons – futuristic weapons and items to accentuate the environment)
Blueprint Scripting
Coder (logic-based programming)

  • Modelers must have a solid foundation using some or all of the following: Maya, Blender, Substance Designer, etc.
  • Blue Printers must be able to show competence using Unreal Engine blueprinting to complete and/or economize specific tasks.
  • Coder must be able to take a detailed verbal ideas and create the background processes need by the project.

Bonus: We have all our animations for man, beast and monster. The ability to fine tune, streamline or create custom movements is highly sought after.


If interested, please contact me via this website or email me at the address below. Once contact is made access will be given to our discord channel and a website.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]