[ROYALTY] epic strategy puzzle dungeon crawler (fantasy art)

Tl;dr: C++ dev

We are urgently in need of a C++ developer with experience in Unreal Engine 4 for a project. We have an NDA agreement and looking for the right candidate to join. This is not a paid position at this time. Payment if the project is monetized someday will be discussed. This project is old and there is a lot of details to catch up on.

We use git, UE4, C++, Blueprints, and Lua scripting.
Assets are nearly finished for the base game before we start considering how to push it further, after completing the current “base game”.

Project Title:
Working name: Heroes Collective

Turn based strategy dungeon crawler with dice throwing, magic spells, loot, and monster killing!


  • Fantasy Dungeon Crawl Experience with epic monsters and bosses
  • Goal: Beautiful A quality graphics
  • Multiplatform mobile / PC / VR
  • Great for software / game dev resume.

*Lua-machine used for quest scripting
Quests change every level.

Team Name:
Quest-Kollective (working name)

Team Structure**:**
Pem (Project Creator)
lots of experience coding (resume available)

3D Artist - Generalist, 10 years
Junior programmer - 2 years
C++ student

Previous Work:
Our team members have created personal project games, some minor commercial games / apps, and / or contributed to game jams, indie projects, etc, with years of experience going into these.

**Talent Required:

Coder / Blueprinter / C++**

tools / languages:

  • C++ / Blueprints
  • Git / Sourcetree / Git Kraken
  • Lua scripting (light and basic work to be done here
  • Passion for tabletop RPGs or dungeon crawlers.
  • Passion for design, games, art, interests such as that is a bonus.
  • Good communication is a bonus.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“spacemanspiff982@gmail.com”]spacemanspiff982@gmail.com
Discord: Spiffy664#4376

We’re looking for real people for C++ / Blueprints Discord: Spiffy664#4376

This project is still running strong and seeking cult members for UE4 games, currently working on finishing the project: strategy puzzle dungeon crawler.