[ROYALTY] Epic Domino game seeking programmer

Project Title:
Epic Dominos

Puzzle game based on the chain reaction between dominoes and environments assets to complete each unique level task. The game would have a special camera unseen in any game but most of special features are still worked and considered to not lose time trying them.
The game would be for pc or web at first and after that we can decide if porting to mobile devices would work out or not.

Team Structure:
David (Me): 3d artist, level & game design.

Previous Work:
Nothing that hit the market. I had worked on a few project with different people but nothing commercial for example.

Talent Required:
<C++ Programmer><Blueprint Scripting>

Skype: SirDag33

Small update:
The project is now about at a late alpha stage and i was planing on getting a few more stuff ready before trying to send the project for dev grants.
I am looking for another person to join the team on the Programming or Blueprint Scripting department so we can rush things up a bit more.