[ROYALTY] Ensignia -- Guild Ranks Need Filled.

Project Title: InitializeComponents(){…

Ensignia ( is a guild for developers to develop referential work(s) with a team of members who are out to do the same thing. We consist of programmers who do not want to design animations, animators that do not want to write programs, artists that don’t care to animate, and so-forth! Its the realization that the UE4 engine is bigger than any-one person that brings us together.

I am looking to bring the odds-to-ends with a team pursuant of members who want to establish a portfolio. We shall participate in competitions, modding contests, release content of our own, publish to the market (under the title) and have discussions about the things that we want demonstrate with every project that we open. As per link–I can secure your credit via web-hooks as a method of sharing. Lets build or portfolios.

The fees that we must pay out to our service providers will be deducted from the earnings and then everything from that point will be split proportionately with everyone that was involved in the project that made earnings. (shares).