[ROYALTY] EmberVein - Looking for an experienced programmer

Project Title:

EmberVein is a third person co-op action game you can play with up to 3 other players. Each game, you will play as an experiment infused with a powerful serum. Survive against waves of enemies for as long as possible and level up your experiments to gain new and exciting powers to last even longer.

We’re a complete team that wrapping up the working prototype for the game, getting ready to polish and pitch to publishers to secure funding.

You can find our last development log here: Let's Get Moving! - EmberVein Dev Log #12 - YouTube

We’ve made heaps of progress since then and are looking to make a big reveal once we’ve secured funding or on the build up to a Kickstarer pitch.


  • Dynamic Environments.
  • Unique customisable experiments.
  • Third person action.
  • Multiplayer co-op

What are we looking for?
Server/Gameplay Programmer - We’re currently looking for the final member to join our remote team now that we’re wrapping up our prototype of EmberVein. The programmer would be joining our existing programming lead, working primarily on server side functionality (EOS, Data Storage) and AI gameplay programming.

Skills Required:

  • C++ Experience.
  • Sever / EOS Knowledge.
  • Git/Perforce Experience.
  • AI Behaviour Tree Experience.
  • General Animations/Gameplay Experience.
  • Proven track record of good documentation.

Team Name:
Virtus Creative Studios Ltd

Team Structure**:**

Luke Anderton (Project Creator)
I’m the creator behind EmberVein, project managing and working on production of the game whilst getting involved in almost every aspect of technical implementation. I’ve got 8 years Unreal Engine experience and currently work full time in the film industry teaching Unreal Engine to AAA artists.

I’ve also grown and managed the largest library of Unreal Engine training material which can be found on my Youtube, where I have over 200,000 subscribers.

The team is made up of 10 experienced members, consisting of:

  • Programming lead
  • UX / Gameplay Designer
  • Animator
  • FX Artist
  • 3D Character Artist
  • 3D Environment Artist
  • 2D Character Concept Artist
  • 2D Environment Concept Artist
  • Sound Designer

Have existing Unreal Engine skills and looking to break into the game development industry in your spare time? Then this could be the team for you. Please send me details of your previous work(s) and experience to the email below :point_down:

Luke Anderton
Discord: Virtus#1337