[ROYALTY] Anime style World War 2 Virtual Reality game for Quest/Rift

Project Title:
Armless Project

**Description: **

  • A classic, competitive WW2 style game (MOHAA, COD2…) in Virtual Reality (like Onward, Pavlov, Contractors) on Oculus Quest headsets.
  • The graphic is an anime style game and the main goal to make a game where the healthy and challenged players can play each other competitively. This game call to VR the challenged players too with a new controlling system.
  • We make a comic book (manga) at the same time the game developing.
  • Crossbuy and Crossplay.
  • And lot of more not public feature.

Team Structure**:
abydos (Project creator):**
Project management, 2D artist, GUI, user experience. If necessary 3D too.
(my previuous games as a tester and map designer was: Ignite, Fortix 2 and years in ERP systems GUI/User Expreiences).

manga artist

Talent Required:

  • A person who can help us to make an Unreal Engine 4 prototype (Blueprint or programmer) / Remote work
    (Prototype assets and map are nearly finished so we need somebody who can help implement the game mechanics)

  • Investor :slight_smile:

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Thank you,