[Royalty] Animator needed for Classic Survival Horror Game

Hello Everyone,

I’m Peter, leader of DeppreSick Team that is a small game dev team and we are working on our first Unreal Engine 4, Classic Survival Horror title: Remorse: The List.

We are looking for an animator who can make fps weapon and enemy animations for the game. The project is in a pretty advanced state so we already have proper gameplay with enemies, puzzles and inventory system.

You can check our greenlight trailer HERE and the indiedb site of the game HERE

And finally some pictures from the game:

If You’re interested in our project plase drop me a message here on UE forums, add me on skype (bodylool), or send an e-mail to dracorian88 at gmail dot com.

(We need reliable members only so it’s a great plus if you already have a job or lot of time because of school, etc)

Thank You.

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