Royalty and Unpaid VanHelsing Game Like Darkborneish

First off, Since I have a physical disability I cant be in charge of the money, and once I get funding hopefully, I will need someone to manage things for me money-wise.

Now, down to the game information, I am trying to make a development team, for my first game it is going to be a Vampire Hunter/monster hunter game. It will be a game setup like dmc, world style game that is third person. Want the game to have the feel of Darkborne in a way; and graphics to hopefully come close to almost matching that grunge feel. I need a team I can trust, and that can be flexable. More info will come about the game as the team is put together.

Project Title:
Vampire Hunter - Inner Demons

Name/working title of project.
Vampire Hunter - Inner Demons

Still working on Chapter 1 script. Want this to be really good and a surprise!

Tense/Dark-grungy atmosphere.
Unique non-combative multi-player.
Third-person view point

Team Name:
N/A at the moment.

Team Structure:
Matthew Oliver/Jereme Eller (Project Creator)

I am currently, learning level design; and learning cascade and VFX the best I can.

Previous Work:
N/A - first title.

Talent Required:
3D Artist (1)
Ability to export to FBX format.
Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
Expected to create additional props & hard surfaces for use in maze generation.
3D Character Artist (2)
Experience with Maya required.
Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
Expected to create, rig and animate player, npcs & monsters.
We also need a concept artist as well.

List the people you need for the project.
Need to put together the entire team, whatever is needed.

Still need a person in charge of handling the funds for the project.

Dont have one yet. pending…

Skype: matthew.armstrong15

You should find someone in your local area to help manage your funds, a relative, an attorney, an accountant, for example. It’s foolhardy to hand control over ANY money, to someone you just met online :slight_smile:

Good Luck

Don’t try to build open world game, or mmo, etc… As your first game.
‘Open World’ games requires an absurd amount of optimization code (you won’t get this from Blueprints btw) and tens of thousands of 3d models for players to consider it ‘believable’ enough.
I know, smaller projects may seem boring, but if you create something unique even if very small ppl will notice it much more than a gigantic world that plays just like GTA, DayZ or Second Son or Skyrim or wtevr…

Also, Vanhelsing is copyrighted and trademarked.

there is tons of Van Helsing stuff out there i just wont make it van helsing ill just make it a hunter than i guess with a different name

there i changed the name

What means that? Are you searching for a rich one, to fund project? Thats a smart move!

and yes iam looking for someone to help me start a kickstarter to earn funds so i can pay anyone who needs payed.