[ROYALTY] 3D Hockey Game Simulator

[ROYALTY] 3D Hockey Game Simulator

To be completely clear, our project is currently unfunded and members will not be paid prior to launch. However, we plan to pursue either investment opportunities or fundraising opportunities in order to secure funding and work toward a retail release. If funding is secured for the project, the following will happen:
Long-term contributors who wish to remain on the team following fundraising or investment will be offered either a royalty, revenue share, or freelance contract (TBD which) in preparation for retail
Consideration for alternative compensation options will be given to individual team members with regard to special circumstances such as soundtrack licensing

Project Title:
Project Hockey

This project was created to build a new 3D hockey game/virtual hockey league like iRacing, but a hockey game. My first choice is to choose the engine, and I think Unreal Engine 4 would allow us to create a really cool ice hockey game. Now, its time to create the team that will help build this dream hockey game. My studio is just me right now and we have really no money left, and this is why we are coming to look for a new promising team that could help us build this game project.

Team Name:
Vault Interactive

Team Structure**:**
C++ Programmer
3D Character Artist
3D Artist
Concept Artist
3D Building designer

Vault Interactive

Skype: <- thats my skype account

Interested and emailed! :slight_smile: