Royalties Question

Hey guys,

So I’m just wondering. If I make more then $3,000 would I have to keep consistently paying the 5% royalty fee?

And also if I make less then $3,000 then I wouldn’t have to pay the 5% royalty fee correct?

As far as I know, If you earn over $3000 in a quarter, you pay the fee. And obviously its not a one time fee, its constant for every quarter you go over the threshold.

If you are earning under I don’t think you do at all.

Can a staff member please confirm this?

Thank you

I will go ahead and confirm it despite my non-staff position. Each quarter you will evaluate your earnings. If you’ve earned more than $3000 in that quarter, you are required to pay the 5% royalty as long as the product you are earning from does not fit into one of the categories that is royalty-free(. If you have not earned $3000 or more in that quarter,you do not owe royalties.

Here is a quote from the FAQ/EULA: