Royalties & Marketplace

Hi everybody,

I was wondering something and i need your help !
If i buy something on the marketplace and i use this content for a game, if i commercialize that game, do i have to pay royalties (In addition to the 5%) to the companie who sold me the content ?

Thanks in advance !


"What can users do with my content once they purchase and download it?
All content sold on the Marketplace is licensed to the buyer (who may be either an individual or company) for the lifetime right to use the content in developing an unlimited number of products and in shipping those products. "

Wow, its just amazing, i cant believe this !

Great thanks !

Indeed. This is a good reason among others which made me choose Unreal Engine 4 as the 3D engine to create my first game. And thanks to this I know that what I buy on the marketplace I can re-use again and again in future projects with no worries and no fees.

And this too in the faq:

It means that you can use any asset and any code you buy on the marketplace as the starting point for your projects, modify it, improve it if you can and learn from it… use anything as a tutorial to be able to make your own the same way, modify as much as you want everything you use to create your own custom version.