Royalties for making 3D models?

Hello. Do I have to inform epics when I publish animations or 3d models with unreal engine? Do I have to pay 5%? I mean I won’t ever get 3000 in the first place, just interested

Yes, I make models and animations with UE. 8888 everything else. UE for the win. UE brotherhood. UE, the Universe Engine. I make regular programs on UE as well.

Are you saying that you only sell your 3D models as UE4 assets? If so, according to the EULA that would technically be distributing content to UE4 licensees. But supposing Epic disagrees with that interpretation of the EULA, you’d owe 5% on earnings once you’ve exceeded $3000 gross revenue per quarter. If you aren’t expecting to make that much, let alone per quarter you’ll be fine. But all the same you’ll need to monitor your financial data should that eventuality arise. =)

I have not sold any models yet, but I would like to make them in unreal first, then apply some modificators in blender as blender is awful and I hope UE will be able to have modificators soon as well.
I want to sell models on sites like turbosquid, as fbx or obj files. Can I sell fbx files if I don’t have autodesk license?

As long those fbx weren’t created in an Autodesk product.

From my understanding of the EULA, since your animations and models made with UE4 are being sold to people that will be using them in their own UE4 projects, there’s no royalty payments needed. As long as your not distributing parts of the engine or editor, it sounds like it does not count as a UE4 project subject to royalties.


Not necessarily. I want to sell on turbosquid, not sure it models will be approved here

I don’t think it really matters where it’s being sold, the EULA says that content made available exclusively to engine licensees is exempt. In order to use .uasset files, you need the engine so only those who have UE4 and have subsequently agreed to the EULA would be able to use the content.

But I want to sell as fbx

Well in that case then yes you would owe royalties, if the models were created in UE4 (I’m assuming you mean bsp converted to mesh? Because UE4 isn’t a modeling suite).

You only owe royalties when you distribute a build of a project.