[Royality/Hobby] Sci-fi Horror RTS built in Unreal

Hello there!

Project ‘RED SPACE’ is a 1-man project I’ve recently started working on, inspired by the games “Homeworld” and “Nexus”. The game is 3d, but the graphics are retro and assets need not be of high quality, but rather be stylized in a unique fashion, as the game is intended to have a unique, unrealistic look of our imagination.

I myself can take care of the blueprints and programming side of things, but require a dedicated 3d and a 2d artist for the following tasks:

  • Models for asteroids, ships ans space anomalies
  • Low-poly (won’t be seen from close up) ship interior for some modules to be shown in a cutaway style
  • UI icons and layout (I can help with this myself)
  • Portraits for various characters in the game
  • A few comic strips to fill in for cutscenes/backstory

Like I said, I’m not looking for AAA quality. Heck, I’d be happy with textureless models, some detail in the geometry will do the job.

As for 2d art, you can create your own style, I’m not an expert there, it can be minimalist or anime or whatever, the objective is to finish the game. We can always come back to improve upon earlier work if we find the final product unappealing.

If you’d like to know more details, do feel free to join my discord here:

I’ll try to answer questions in a timely manner, but I do occasionally go missing in action for a few days, that won’t mean I gave up on the project!

There is also room for more programmers/Unreal devs, and the Writer, Sound designer, Voice actor(s) roles are also as of yet unfilled, but at this stage of development I find their involvement unjustified. I’d rather not waste your time until I can actually provide some opportunities for contribution. In addition, I have some contacts who, if their time allows, might help with writing/sound, and their work is pretty decent. The bulk of the work for now lies in programming, modelling and drawing. If regardless of that you’d still want to hang around and motivate the team, you are welcome to join our discord.



Oh, and if you do not like discord, you can leave a message here as well…