Rounded/curved material please!

Hey, so does anyone know how I can make a material that has rounded edges for my UI progress bar + buttons? And make it so I can choose the amount of roundness the material has

Any help is much appreciated, thank you! :slight_smile:

it’s not overly complicated to round a box, but WHY?
make an image. use the image. done.

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I was thinking of making it as it is really flexible so I could easily change how round the sides are whenever I want

This works well. And while you’re at it, do look into 9-slice:


Thanks for this!
Do you know anyway I can make it even more curved because when I increase the corner radius it just goes back to being straight after increasing it over a certain value?

Set the dimension to .5 and the corners to .5 → That’s a circle. Both values should generally add up to 1. Parametrise it and fiddle until you’re happy:



Ah my bad, thanks so much for the help! :))