Rounded corners for Photorealistic result


I would like to make archViz with UE4. I’m starting to learn UE4 and I need an advice.

Usually, In my renders, I make Rounded Corner of the Architectural elements for getting a best photorealistic result.

Example: Round Corners

My question is: Is this step necessary in UE4 model for archViz purpose?


It depends on you if you want to have that, but it’s not something you can do with a button click, you would have to model the mesh with rounded corners or bake it to a normal map.
Just a note–the Rounded Edges feature in the Archviz material in 3ds Max does not bake to a texture well, it will give jagged edged results.


What about “Chamfer” modifier of 3DS Max? It is ok?


It can possibly create some errors. The best chamfer modifier I’ve used is Quadchamfer: Quad Chamfer Modifier | Marius Silaghi's Store

It avoids most of the issues you get with the default 3ds Max chamfer.