Rounded corners for collision and nav purposes?

Hi all,

We’re a MOBA game and we’ve got these obstacles on our map and we’re learning more and more how terrible it looks with these corners. Obviously the meshes poke out a bit in corners which makes itbad, but even if we disable collision completely on the mesh and do it via volumes, there’s still a corner problem. It looks terrible when the character runs around it and gets caught on the corner, then makes it past and is fine.

Our ideal situation is being able to do rounded corners on a blocker that we can use for collision. I know we can go nuts and add a bunch of 500 side cylinders to each corner but that seems crazy and not technically feasible for performance reasons. What I’m hoping we can do is just take the rectangles and give them rounded corners or something.

Does anyone have a good solution for this at all, even if it’s not rounded corners? Image of what it looks like:


what’s wrong with 1 simple UCX (convex) mesh?

I’d use one box with Capsule Simplified Collision primitives on the corners.