Round Reset but not time and score.


  I am making a setup where if you score a goal on a trigger volume the round will reset, but I need it to keep the time and score. Where it sits now, it will re-spawn and reset everything onto a different level.

To maintain information through levels, try storing them in the Game Instance BP.

Watch this video and it will be easy to implement.

I watched it; thought it would help. But it still resets everything. Here’s my blueprint on what I have. IT’s basically the score I need it to keep. I followed the video step-by-step, but I’m not sure if I can get away with what I’m doing. The second screenshot is the score I need to keep from resetting. 6d4e354c52cac9c6a2cd6a0a55fe98690c33d1c0.jpeg

Did you change the default Game Instance to ScoreTimeKeeper in the Project Settings -> Maps & Modes ?

I did. I checked it 5 times