Round MmmKay

Hello beautiful people. This is a noob question, but is there a way to make a tunnel that is round not blocky? Basically can I smooth out the edges. I’m sure it is possible, but I can’t figure out where to tweak it from? Thanks in advance for your help!

Add more poly’s / sides. Get Blender or another modelling program, you can create a tube and then delete the out portion of it leaving the inside portion of it. 32 “sides” with smoothing is what would be considered round,

Ok cool. I have blender, but have yet to tinker with it. So basically if I want to change the shape outside of the primary UE4 shapes of an actor I needs to be done in a program like Blender/Maya etc? It can’t be done in UE4. Correct?

Since the UDK days, I’ve only used the built in shapes as placeholders for real models, and even then, it was much easier to just model it to begin with, so yea.

Ok fair enough! Thank you for your time.

You can also add more vertices in the UE4 (in the BSP edit mode click on “split”), but it’s better/easier when you do it in a 3d program :slight_smile: