Rotten Light

Rotten Light

ArtStation - Rotten Light - Epic’s “Better Light Than Never” Contest Entry

Student Submission: No

Credits to sourced content: Quixel’s Megascans & Epic Game’s Morigesh Character

Description - My entry into Epic Game’s “Better Light Than Never” contest. With this prompt I imagined most people on earth sadly perished. Those who managed to stay alive had to retreat into caves, bunkers, and other dark cold places to avoid the sun and moon. The light from the sun and thus from the moon became toxic rotting and decaying anything living. Though, some being managed to adapt to the light but were contorted and mangled into something new.

The scene was made with Quixel’s Megascans and the Morigesh character from Paragon. All lighting and post processing is done inside Unreal Engine 5. I also learned to render and encode all inside Unreal in order to meet the requirements of the contest.

Unreal Engine 5.0.2


Hey @Bisqo_M . Really like the theme and the super catchy title “Rotten Light”.
The beginning of the shot with the creature shadow in the wall is indeed quite creepy :nerd_face:.