Rotatione during movement

Hey Guys,

I am currently modifying the character movement controller. There is a method called MoveAlongFloor, which is responsible for moving the char as long as he is on the ground. During this method collisions are handled.
I got a second collider on my char and depeding on the collisions of that collider I need to modify the movement direction. In this paticular example I need to rotate the char. So I used the AddLocalRotation Method. But all my input is somehow overriden.
I can see in the game that the char rotates for a fraction of a second before he turns back to his original direction. Since this method MoveAlongFloor is during the movement process my guess is that the rotation is overriden later. Is there any way to acces the InputMovement Vector and rotate it that my char walks into the new direction?


I haven’t looked at the character movement controller or code so I don’t know. However I wonder if there’s some code somewhere which aligns the player to look down his velocity vector? A search through the source base, find in files, looking for anything referencing a velocity vector may well show you where it’s being overwritten.