Hey all. I am not sure if this is the correct place for this, so you have my apologies if it is not.
I am somewhat new to UE4, and I am trying to make a tank. So far, I have modelled three different items using Blender, those being the main body, the turret on top, and the main cannon that attaches to the turret.

My issue is, I want to be able to control the main turret, and move it in different directions, whilst controlling the main body with the WASD keys.

Right now, the main thing I need help with is attaching all of the different parts of the tank together, and hooking it up so that they can all move separately of each other. As I am new, I am not quite sure how to achieve this. I would prefer if the turret part on the top of the tank (the way you get in and out using that lid), moved 360*, and the cannon could move up and down.

Thanks for any help in advance. If you need any more description I am happy to provide :slight_smile:


@SleekRanger0212 A typical way to do this would be to make it as a skeletal mesh in blender with animations and import that into UE.

If you can’t be bothered to figure that out it’s also very easy to just put the mesh parts as compoents into a UE BP and write a bit of blueprint to control the various parts.

If you put them in as components, you can just attach them in the way they are attached in the real world. That way, you rotate the turret without the rest of the tank moving etc…