Rotation/Yaw Control

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I am trying to map a control so that when I hit D (right movement), the character will move to the right as well as rotate a perfect 90 degrees. How can I do this with blueprints?

Oh, and how can I remove the ease in for the movement? When I move the character, he starts off slow then winds up to being fast. I want to remove that wind up in entirety and keep it always the same speed.

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Do you want it to rotate over time? Instantly?

Increase the acceleration in your character movement component, also increase the braking deceleration to remove the stop ease.

Hey man, thanks for the reply!

Over time (well, basically a split second but the camera needs to rotate smoothly).

Awesome! That worked! Cheers!

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Sorry to bump - just wondering if anybody has any answers for me? :slight_smile:



EDIT: I would like to add more detail to my request to better assist anyone willing to help me.

I am trying to create a control that makes the player direction rotate 90 degrees instantly, however, I want the character model and the camera (third person) to change direction smoothly.

The mechanics I have in mind of the game are as such so that the character can only rotate every 90 degrees (mouse look is disabled). Ideally, the player will be running while making these turns.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

This might help! Might need to watch the whole thing to find the point, but he covers quite a bit.

Thanks! It’s a long video and not in English (gulp!) but I’ll give it a shot when I have time!

Is there a specific section in that video that kind of covers what I’m trying to achieve (just because it is so long and I’m kinda strapped for time these days)? :slight_smile:

Hi Kyroce,

I watched the whole video and unfortunately there was nothing there that had anything to do with turning! :frowning:

Thanks anyway! It looks like there’s some stuff there I could reference in the future!

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