Rotation Wobble


How to properly build up rotator without giving massive wobble effect (gimbal lock?).


If u combine two rotator components with make rotator it causes this effect when moving closer to the follower.


Your wobble gimbal comes from the fact that you are making a rotator by the two broken components of two other rotators. Those are normally incompatible with others and only work as a set.
Instead of doing that you should have the merge happen on a vector level.
Have a look at these two nodes… I think you will have a much more stable solution by using either of these to assemble your final rotator.

With my poor skills in math, i gave it a try with Make Rotation from Axes node.


There is still the wobble. So i quess have to try axis and angle. RInterp To also works in all solutions unless u put Interp Speed too high.

To create a proper rotator you need the other two axes as well, generally its built out of a tangent (forward vector), a normal (up vector), and a biNormal (right vector). Have a look at some generic vector and matrix math docs to get a basic grasp on it…

But, from what I can see you are trying to have your actor aim at an other actor? Like a target lock? I implemented a very simple one a few weeks ago, maybe this helps:

Yes, that is the goal to have a stationary object to follow a moving target. I will try to look and study this more as u adviced.

Today i decided to debug a little bit, so i stripped down everything except this, which is the same what is in previous posts, and there is no wobble.


So here is what i got debugged so far today. The problem clearly is this.


No matter how u build up ur rotation, the wobble will come out.


This is the structure of objects.


So here is what i got squeezed out from my little brain today.

The wobble comes out if the setting is like this.


If we eliminate the forward vector, which is useless anyways, the wobble is gone for now.


Only conclusion is that if we use Find Look at Rotation too far away from pivot point, the rotation gets excited and starts to wobble.