Rotation Values won't stick

I have imported a model using Datasmith from Sketchup to UE5 (also tried in UE4.26 & UE4.27). I have a few static meshes with the wrong rotation. When I try to change the values in the Details window they move to the correct position, but then snap back to the wrong position as soon as I click away from the window. Rotating using the widget does nothing. I’ve tried changing them to Movable or Stationary, but it doesn’t make a difference. Does anyone know what’s going on here? Thanks in advance.


I never saw that. Do you have a small subset you could share with us so we can try to reproduce?

Thanks for the reply. Here’s a link to the project. TEST

Here’s the Sketchup Model. Model

I’m using Sketchup 2021, but saved it as 2019.

That looks like some approximation errors due to the long stack of transforms that is applied to your actor.
Will ask the team if it could be something else from the loading of the data.

Thanks for the reply. Why is it only some of the actors are affected? I use a lot of dynamic components in Sketchup to speed up the modeling process. Do I need to explode these down to simple Geometry? This would substantially increase file size.