Rotation translation missing from imported animations

New (weird) issue…I’m importing an animation for an asset, and in the animation there’s a looping rotation (720 degrees in 30 frames) on one of the bones. Only animated object in this animation.

When I import it into UE4.8, I see no animation. If I import the FBX back into 3ds Max, I see the rotation playing as expected. If I add a slight animated transform in the X axis (bobbing forward & back) and re-export, this part of the animation shows up in the Unreal editor but the rotation still does not appear.

Is this a known issue? Something else I’m missing? All other animations have worked great until now!


If you create rotation animation with 2 animation keys, then you need activate resampling in FBX export parameters. Because UE4 not resample animation curve, it just clamp data. Sometimes it breaks animation.

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