Rotation smooth transition between states

Hello there,
i’m trying to smoothly transition between rotation states. (every 45 degrees)
I got the rotation working by adding to the relative rotation of the scene root. However, i am struggling trying to make
this a smooth transition, since at the moment it is instant every time.
I read something about using rinterp however when i try this it does not rotate the full 45 degrees but instead it just jumps a bit. I am likely just making a rookie mistake but i was hoping someone could help me further.
Kind regards,

You need something like this. I did this in the level BP that is how I created the reference to my “rotating actor” but you will need to create the reference by some other method if not using the level BP. Inside the timeline you need to create a float track with 2 keys, one at time 0, value 0, the other at time (however long you want the rotation to take) and value 1.

This worked like a charm, Thanks a lot for the quick reply!