Rotation resets to Zero

Good day to you all.

Please can someone help with the Blueprint below, I am trying to enable mouse look on the X-Axis only. The BP is attached to a Pawn with Spring Arm and Camera. As soon as I move the mouse along the x axis the pawn rotates but immediately resets to zero.

I’m new at this so it’s probably a basic error but any help is much appreciated.


The reason why its resetting back to 0 is because that’s what your telling it to do. The axis value with go to 0 when the mouse isn’t being moved and -1 - 1 depending on the movement direction of the mouse.

All your doing is setting the rotation to this value*5.

What you need to do is take the actors current rotation and then add the axis value to it. :slight_smile:

Do you mean like this ?

I still get the same problem

That looks right so in the “Defualts” tab make sure you haven’t got “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” set to true. (assuming this is inside a Pawn/Character BP)

It is a pawn and the use controllers are all set to false, still getting the resets to zero unfortunatly

Ok, if you’ve got a camera in your BP, if you take a look in its properties “Camera Settings” there’s an option called “Use Controller View Rotation” you’ll probably need to untick that option as well. If that doesn’t work I haven’t got a clue. :S lol.

Thank you for your help, I will post if I resolve the problem

Did you ever find the solution for this?