Rotation problem . . .

Ok so first of all, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to dig up an old thread rather to start a new one but I’m going with digging it up… Secondly, thanks a bunch for this! It got me a few steps closer to getting what I need - a rotation system where I can rotate an object around its own 3 local axes… so each axis will rotate all axes (as opposed to a gimbal coord system etc).

So I’ve done this setup, I just adjust the ‘pitch’, ‘roll’ and ‘yaw’ variables and watch it rotate. It’s not quite working as I expected though, am I close here?

I was wondering if I needed to be more descriptive of my request… the idea would be that I have a e.g spaceship in 3rd person top down view. I want to rotate yaw, pitch and bank correctly at all times, meaning each of those axes are always lined up correctly with the ship, so bank will always bank no matter what yaw and pitch does.