Rotation of wheels around a defined bone

Hi guys,

I’m working on a forklift and I’m really new on this engine… Here is what I got:

Before starting, when I say Collider I mean the wheel collider that you see in grey on my screen (the pxvis collision command)
When I say the wheel I mean the mesh of the wheel.
The pivot point that i’m talking about is the center of the little vertical cylinder that you see next the wheels.

I tried to play with the different offsets in the vehicule and wheels blueprints but nothing works, my collider will always rotate around its center.
On the screen you can see that my Wheel is following the good path, rotating around the pivot point, not around it’s center, this is because I finaly moved my pivot point to the correct location DIRECTLY in 3dsmax… I thought that this would have fixed the problem, but no, you can clearly see de desync between the wheel and its collider so it’s not good.

Now my goal is to remove that 3dsmax offset and find a clean solution to make my collider turn around that pivot point and my wheel to follow my collider as it is supposed to do.

Is there a way to talk to the collider directly and to tell it: move around THIS pivot point?
Is there a way to get the references of my 2 back wheel so I can make some calculation based on the input axis and say :
LeftWheel->Move 20° around PivotPoint
RightWheel->Move -160° around PivotPoint
I found NOTHING in the documentation about the wheels available function except the way to glue a model on the collider for the animation… maybe I didn’t look in the right place, but I found no way to talk to my colliders directly without calling the SetThrottleInput and SetSteeringInput.

If possible, I would like to avoid using c++ since my goal with this project is to have a good understanding of the blueprints and nodes system in unreal… if there is no way to achieve that with blueprint only, no prob… I’ll take your c++ solution :wink:
Have a good Day/night and thanks!