Rotation of two Actors

Hi there I’m trying to rotate two actors so that two arrow components within both will align together, in opposite directions, like the attached diagram. I’m struggling with getting the rotation and location to adjust. Any one solved it?

Can you lerp/finterp their rotation angles?

Well I’m not really sure if this here will help you on your specific idea there, but here is the visual scripting for my rotation method (when I press a key to rotate it). Maybe it’ll give ya some ideas on how to set that up. It looks like it would be relatively similar. In my method, it rotates clockwise 45 degrees on the Z axis, which just turns a mirror so that it can reflect a beam of light for a puzzle of mine. If you have one set like that but counterclockwise your idea there would fit with the same setup (except for your method of making it begin rather than my interaction key method). Hope this helps x3