Rotation not replicating

I’ve been working on this bug for a few days now, and no luck. I read in a different post that if you set the control rotation in the player controller it would automatically replicate.

I also tried checking with switch has authority and then on remote you run on server which multicast the rotation and on authority you just multicast the rotation, and that didn’t do anything either (player controller)

this is the post I tried to follow. I am trying to make it where the body turn replicates and the head turn and lookup replicates. It works with one player, but in multiplayer, only the turn changes when the player moves.

Any ideas appreciated!


idk if this is too early but bump

I figured it out. My solution was to replicate the pitch and yaw using Pitch and Yaw replication? - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums

, but then replace the server-side stuff with set relative rotation of the head component for pitch and set actor rotation for yaw.