Rotation lock on Y

I can freely rotate in X, Y, Z axis, However, as I change Y to 90 degrees the rotation of X and Z remains the same.
Please see the video 0-21s free rotation, 22s i change Y to 90, and X and Z are in the same position.
If you change 90 in X o Z, the rest of the axis changes according to the position. only Y is blocked somehow

Can you be more specific, what is the problem?

Isn’t that’s just a Gimbal Lock?

You need to use quarternions instead:

ClockworkOcean thank you for answer, from weeks I have problem with rotation, see from 22 seconds, I change the values in the X axis and then in the Z axis, but I only get the rotation on the X axis. Ok, I understand that the relative position of the axes may have changed, but here on both axes it gets the same result. That’s why I have a problem with rotation, I want to rotate the object by choosing any axis, but I always get stuck on the YAW axis

ok now i understood the problem
do you have an idea how to solve it now?

ClockworkOcean and Tuerer
Thanks for specifying the problem and suggesting a solution.

Gimbal Lock.