Rotation Jittering in Basic Character

Hey guys, I posted this in the answershub as well, but I thought I’d post it here( I’ve had more luck of a response here than there :slight_smile: )

When a client joins, his/hers camera jitters like crazy while the servers camera is fine. These are the steps I took:

  • Create new empty project. Add new Blueprint GameMode. Add new Blueprint Character.
  • In the character: Add a camera and offset it back( like for a 3rd person game )
  • Select a skeletal mesh to be used as its Mesh.
  • Add basic movement code for WASD.
  • Add basic rotation code using the mouse.
  • Now start 2 clients, and watch the client jitter.

Is there something I’m doing wrong, if so how can I get rid of this issue?
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I’m currently investigating this bug too.
Here’s an easier repro:

  • Create a new TP_ThirdPersonBP
  • Open MyCharacter, check “Use Controller Rotation Yaw”
  • Make sure you get over 50 fps
  • Set “Run Dedicated Server”, hit play and rotate the character

Edit: Posted this on AnswerHub as well.

Hi folks,

Can you links us to your AnswerHub posts? This can help us to keep track of the issue.


Here you go :slight_smile: