Rotation Issue with the Sun(DirectionalLight) and the Moon(skybox texture on the sky dome)

Both the Sun’s and the Moon’s pitch rotation is set to 45 degrees which assume to locate at the same location(the Moon should hide the Sun just like the Solar Eclipse).

However, as you can see on the image that is not happening as expected.

The stuff I tried that did not work:

  • Setting the directional light(sun) and the skydome set to 0 xyz location - no difference
  • Slightly offsetting the Moon’s pitch rotation - since the Moon and Sun dynamically change it’s hard to dynamically offset the Moon’s pitch rotation(If there are some ideas with this please let me know!)
  • Change the Sun’s sky sphere mask to skybox texture - the directional light sun disk and the sun image of the skybox texture is not at the same location.

Now, I have no other ideas to try to fix this problem.
So, does anyone have good Ideas to fix this and provide me with the reason why this issue is occuring?