Rotation getting reset

I was trying to rotate a mesh about z axis. I am changing the z rotation from the details window of the object. But, the moment I change the rotation and press enter, the rotation value of z resets to 0, and in place of that, the x rotation value changes. Why is this happening?

Another question that I have is that what is the order of rotation in Unreal: Yay, Roll Pitch, or Yay, Pitch, Roll

Thanks for the help in advance.

On a side note, this doesn`t happen when I replace my mesh with a primitive cube.

I am facing a similar problem. Plssss HELP!!!

Because you are rotating around the Z Axis. This means the Z Axis stays the same and the X axis changes.

What is it you are trying to do? Are you trying to place a static mesh, and then have the blueprint rotate it relative to it’s rotation? I did this with a lever I made, where when I first tried no matter which way I turned the level ir would always turn the same global direction and not what I wanted which was relative direction. Thus it always looked like I was pulling the lever no matter which direction have it facing.

I did this first by getting the objects rotation, using a timeline for the degrees I wanted it to rotate, then got the forward, up, right vectors, rotated the forward and right axis by the degrees I got from the timeline. Then made rotation from axis and input those vectors and the up vector. Then set the object rotation to that.

When I change the rotation along z. The rotation of y and x change in turn, for some values. For some other values though, changing z rotation changes just z. Now, I sense that this is something that Unreal does because of Quaternion conversion. The final orientation that I get is what I want. But, the problem is that I want to send the rotation values to another software as a network packet. Since the rotation values are odd at some values (probably because of Quaternions), the packets sent have weird rotations. Is there something I am doing wrongly?

To be very specific, if y rotation is 90, x is 0, and I change z from 0 to 55, and press enter, the result is-> x=-55, y=90, z=0.
I dnt know what is happening.