Rotation don't work in instances of my blueprint

Hello, i’m having a blueprint with two components, one is a cameraComponent (CamCompo) , and second is a sceneComponent (TargetCompo).
When inside the BP, the graph work as intended. But that doesn’t work for instances of this blueprint in the level.
Here is the function :

All prints seam to give right values, but the camera is not taking the rotation calculated, it take a fixed rotation different of what i have in the BP, and that is not related with the position of the cam or the target, i can move them the rotated values will always be the same : the values of the rotation that is needed to look at in the BP (not the instance).
I’m missing something and i don’t know why that is not working. Any idea?

One other thing is that when i move a component in an instance of the BP, if i recompile the BP, the transform of the componant in the instance that was modified come back at his default value as if it was never changed, i think this is the problem, is this normal, can i do something for that to not happened and have different placement of component for each instance of my BP or is this totaly impossible?

Sorry for my english, if there is something you don’t understand don’t hesitate to ask, sorry.
[Edit] : All are set to Movable. Using relative position and rotation give same result.

Even worse, if i use a “make rotator” node as value in setWorldRotation, this rotation is set corectly, i understand nothing.

In fact that all is working when used in a tick event, but i need to make it work in editor because it’s not intended to be use in game, just to help me place camera in my world. Is there a way to log some value in editor (construction script)?

If all you want to do is move your camera component, you can specifically select the component in the details panel of your instance in the world and modify the rotation there.

That i want is to edit the location of the cameraComponent (and targetComponent) manualy and then the rotation is set from the construction script with the findLookAtRotation.
I’m able to do that with a camera actor, and an other actor (target), but i though it was possible to do the same thing in within a BP using components, it seam it’s not possible at edit Time.

After trying a lots of different kind of thing …
Finally i think the problem is that at “construction script” time in an actor, components are not yet at there correct locations. Actors are at correct locations but not components, it’s the only think that can explain all that i tryed.
I’m thinking that because when i call getWorldLocation from an other actor’s construction script, the value is correct but not if called from within the construction script of the component’s owner (always return 0,0,0, same for getRelativeLocation).

Is anyone know if i’m right and if there is a way to get the correct location (exemple by delaying the construction script), any idea are welcome…
Or do you think it’s a bug and i should report that?

I even tryed to make a custom event in the cameraBP and add a delay, but called from a construction event the delay just never complete…

Hello, a little bump because that is a real problem for me, i can’t understand why it isn’t for everyone…
I think there is an option somewhere that allow us to change that but i’m not able to find it.

More explaination of the problem :
It happen with components that are part of a blueprint, and are instanced in the world. I cannot acces these components in editor. When you look at the details panel of a BP’s instance (that have component), all blue components got this problem. If you manualy add a component to this instance, it will be white and there is no problem with it. It’s like if components was just reference of components in the BP itself and they cannot have there own values in the world before begin play.
So now i’m thinking to put all my component by hand and access them in my blueprint by searching them… what a terrible thing!

My camera little tool is not the only problem i have. An other exemple : i have an IConstructAble interface for components, and a base AActor class that call an event in these components in construction script, that allow me to construct components, and it work perfecly with manualy added ones (white), but not at all with inherited ones (blue). Whatever i do (making tool) I’m always facing this problem, and with the fact that this is an issu only for me (it seam) i’m sure there is an option somewhere that i had change and that make this happen.