Rotation Data from Normals

I have a dog and that will use the rotation of the Normals. When it comes to a hill or slope, it should not remain horizontal.
I’ve already tried this:

Does somebody has any idea?

Hi man , first , i am not sure about normal and impact normal ,

even here i cant figure out. you have to try both.

I have a simple actor that take a front and back coords. taking my location and adding and subtracting a forward vector and a forward vector*-1 . So now i have Head and Tail , thats are 2 location Always placed.

From these 2 points i call the line trace for channel . visibility. to get the location where start the ground.
Now i have the Coords of the ground under Head , and under Tail.

I take these 2 vectors. and subtract the headground to the Tailground . (or viceversa i dont remember)
This will give you a middle direction of the ground. you want the dog look toward this direction.
So rotate the dog .

I’ve tried, but my dog does not keep the direction.

Here man , a working test.
Its not perfect, but take a look at how its work.

Thank through your help I have edited a shorter version.

TierLineTrace i a collision Sphere and its over the front feets.

If you google “ue4 adapt to terrain” you should be able to see how to do it.

There are other ways depending on what you want/how you handle the character collisions because most tutorials rotate the mesh on a Y (pitch) axis relatively so if you have a specific collision layout and want the collision itself to rotate I may have a solution.

In first image it’s a simple line trace which you can expand with multiple once and find an average, ofc lerp etc, just to give you the idea.

Second image is for the movement (assuming it’s the one that usually comes standard) also to give you the general idea. The second image is getting the forward axis for the movement based on the character and control rotation since now it’s not gonna be on a flat Z plane, so we’re making our own.

This is a prototype from my Alien Xeno movement prototyping early on and also to warn you, Epic really did not care 1 bit for anything other then humanoid or something that stays upright when moving so it can get janky so I also suggest to later on work on a completely new movement component as well. But this should hopefully get you started.
I’m stuck on wall walking with my project so yours hopefully should be much easier. Good luck! :slight_smile: