Rotation Component doesn't work after structure is placed

I’m using the rotation component in my structure BP(not placement rotation), and it rotates when showing the green ‘ghost’ placement form during placement , but after I place the structure the rotation stops as shown in this 12 second video:

I’m sure there’s some simple setting I’m missing here…


What rotation? Are you referring to snap rotation, or does your object itself rotate during runtime in-game?


I don’t mean snap roation, but there’s a rotation component in the blueprint that rotates another primitive component during runtime.
I did try unchecking ‘auto-weld’ on the primitive component.

Is “Stationary Structure” in the defaults checked? if so uncheck it, i think that can be the issue.

I don’t think it’s that, was just testing this in the DevKit. I think it’s the component itself. Unless the BP is made from scratch, the root component seems to be invalid.

“Warning Movement component RotatingMovement1 must update a PrimitiveComponent, but owning actor ‘ACMDataStorage_BP_C_3’ does not have a root PrimitiveComponent. Auto registration failed.” Root is a TransformComponent.

A possible workaround could be to use AddLocalRotation or AddWorldRotation… but that targets an entire mesh I believe so an item would need multiple mesh parts - if you can do that - to separate them and rotate a single part that way.


Tried it and WM was right. If you don’t deactivate “Auto Register Update Component” it tries to rotate the root component which it seems like it does not like in this case. But you can uncheck this and set the “Update Component” in BP like that:

Thanks for looking into it guys. No dice with unchecking “Auto Register Update Component”, and I was already using the function “Set updated component” to begin with. The item does rotate correctly during placement, but after it’s placed the rotation stops, as shown in this 12 second vid:

Anyway, I’m trying to make a light house with a rotating light so maybe there’s a better way than the rotation component? I didn’t want to use ‘on tick event’ cause its supposed to be a resource hog, but maybe it would be ok…

Was there any headway made on this? Im trying to do a similar function in my mod and cant get it to work.

Sorry, I never got it to work.

For future reference Mezzow’s “Stationary Structure” worked for me.

To whom it may concern:
As mezzow said make sure stationary structure is unchecked and set the mesh you want to rotate


The rotate component node:


Using a timeline to run it: