Rotation component curiosity

So for the sake of everything lets say I’ve modeled a windmill, and the fan part is a totally separate mesh from the supports, instead of making an animation etc for the blades rotation. I have build the windmill as a whole actor fitting the parts together but the rotation movement component affects the entire blueprint, is there any way to affect only a select few meshes out of your blueprint.

I have the same problem, can anyone help?

There shouldn’t be a movement component unless it’s parent class is a character. Create one based on “Actor”. What you attempt is very easy to achieve in the event tick by adding relative rotation to any specific component you want. I’m sure you would figure it out quickly.

The purpose of that rotation component isn’t exactly to use it for what is mentioned above (constant angular motion like helicopter or windmill blades). It’s used as an optimization to quickly find the coordinate frame of the blueprint to make some rotation operations go a little smoother.

[Simple example - say you’re rotated at 355 degrees in Yaw and then rotate 10 degrees more in either direction. You would basically wind up at either 5 degrees or 345 degrees, right. The problem is that both of these angles are less than 355 so it gets confusing trying to do certain math checks. Think of this component as a giant steering wheel attached to the whole pawn making it easier to turn the whole thing in 3d space without complicated math.]

What you’re trying to do sounds more like what you’d do in UDK with an InterpActor in a PHYS_Rotating state, with a constant angular velocity. For that - just do the rotation straight on the blueprint. Couldn’t be a simpler instruction set:

This simply adds 5 degrees of roll (relative to the current orientation of the blade) every frame on its Tick function. Change the 5 to adjust the speed. Put it in another field to change the axis of rotation. Easy right.


It works great for roll, yaw, but pitch, it only does one spin, why?

Works fine here. Double check that you are Adding rotation and not Setting it? Check for any unusual collision issues in your scene?