Rotation at a designated point

Thanks for taking a look. I posted this in the UE Forum and received no help. Thanks to anyone with suggestion.

I’m working on movement techniques for vehicles and I’m stuck. I’m taking the gold disc with the arrow on top to designate direction (my car) and moving it directly ahead in which it passes a trigger box that builds a widget on the screen for the player to choose Gate 1 or Gate 2. Once selected the car will travel on to the Gate with no further interaction from the player. Via the widget blueprint “Movement to Gate 1” image, I remove the widget and allow my gold actor to proceed to the “target changer” point (circled in green), however at that point I need the car to rotate 90 degrees to the right before it makes any movement towards the endpoint (Gate 1). What am I needing to in between the “move component to” nodes so that the car maintains it’s position at the target point, rotates (as if it was turning a corner) and then proceeds on to the Gate? Thank you all for helping!!!

AddActorWorldRotation seems like the ticket unless i’ve misunderstood.

I guess I’m still a bit confused. I added the node you directed in your comment for AddActorWorldRotation, however it does not turn the actor (turn the disc so the arrow points to the right). In the ‘movement to gate 1’ BP, the only way I can move the actor to the Target Changer Point is getting the root component. There has to be something after the ‘completed’ pin on the move component to node that allows the disc to spin in place 90 degrees to the right. Any chance you can maybe post a picture of the BP setup you are confirming? Or a more full description? Thanks for the help.

bump, any help?

you need to specify a target actor, and a rotation, it should rotate that distance you set instantly, if you want a smooth rotation, you will need to combine lerp and a timer… or use a timeline to make a graph for the value.