Rotation around wrong local axis

Hi everyone,

I have changed the local orientation of a sphere so that I can rotate a mesh attached to it around the z-axis:
If I now rotate around the actual z-axis, it is not the yaw value that changes, but the pitch value:
This causes gimbal lock problems when interpolating rotations. Why is this and is there a way around it?

Yes, that happens.

I assume you’re trying to rotate that pipe. This should fine, have you tried?

BTW, a scene works better than a sphere. It’s just that it’s invisible.

In any event, if you don’t change the rotation of the sphere before you start, and use the X, this stuff doesn’t crop up.

I can rotate the attached tube, but only around the y-axis, although it should be the z-axis and here the rotation is limited between -90 and 90 degrees.
Thanks for the tip with the scene, I’ll try that. But the sphere is scaled so that you can’t see it anyway.

I think I just had the same thing. Not quite sure why it happens sometimes and not others.

It’s a little hard to describe the solution. It relies on the fact that if you add a new component to the blueprint, while you already have one selected, the added component will have zero relative transform.

Then you can attach the arm to that component, and move it without worrying about gimbal etc.