Rotation Around An Actor

Hello everyone.

Im new to UE4 and I have a question regarding a tutorial.
So I am playing around with the Components and Collision tutorial.
The problem is that when I rotate around the up axis. i.e

void ACollidingPawn::Turn(float AxisValue)
FRotator NewRotation = GetActorRotation();
NewRotation.Yaw += AxisValue;

My actor changes x-position as a result of this code, instead of just rotation around itself. It seems as if the pivot it rotates around is somewhere between camera and actor, instead of the actor pivot. Very strange. Has anyone had this problem? Have I made a mistake with the setup?

Thanks, Marc

Hey. I solved the problem.I checked “simulate physics” on the visual component instead of the root. This meant that the root pivot got out of sync with the sphere object. Thus the rotation did not behave correctly.