Rotation animation

Hello guys,

simple question: I want to make a wall which rotates 90° down over its own lowest axis, so that the wall lies on floor at the end of the animation.

I got the BP right so far (I guess), the only problem is that my pivot point is not at the bottom of the object, but higher. (see pic)

I tried to change the pivot in C4d, but Ue4 doesn´t seems to recognize the changes, it always re-centers the pivot point, regardless where I place it in C4D.

And i´m sure it is not a matter of which 3D-software I use…

Or should I check/uncheck some options when importing/exporting the FBX file?


here´s the BP:

I don’t use C4D but I’m sure the principles are the same. When changing the pivot UE4 don’t care much about the actual pivot in your 3D program. The pivot for UE4 comes from the world 0, 0, 0 in relation to your model. That is where the pivot will be in UE4.

So with that said when modifying your pivot in C4D, it will then be at some offset from the world 0, 0, 0 position so you also need to then move the object back to 0, 0, 0 in world space for UE4 to get the correct pivot.

Hope that makes sense.

yeah, thank you, I noticed that now during the last days that UE4 ignores specific pivot points that comes from the 3d-program, and that it´s a common way to get some sort of workaround.

too bad…but hey, I´ll go on with that.