Rotation amount to trigger spawn?

Would there be a way to have the rotation amount of an object (for example 180, half-turn) trigger something to spawn? Does anyone know how to set something like that up? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t understand what you want:

  • give a rotation to an actor when it spawns
  • trigger something after an actor has rotated of a fixed amount of degrees


I’d like to trigger something to spawn after an actor has rotated a fixed amount of degrees.

You want to store the initial rotation of your desired actor.

You want to increase a value everytime its rotation in the axis you want changes.

Whenever you increase that value you compare it to the original axis rotation registered.

When it goes higher you trigger an event.

So store the rotation of 180 and then have a float value connected to the rotation of the Z axis of the actor? I think I’m just lost on how to compare the increasing value to the stored value (and having it give the signal to execute the spawn.

The challenge I have found with rotation of the player character, is that it goes from 0 - 180, and then -180 to 0 (not 0 - 360) so you will be working with Negative numbers as soon as you reach 181 degrees.

Yup, I just set it to >90 and it works fine.