Rotation 0 to 360 and -0 to -360


i am testing leap motion with blueprints the last week and i got a rotation problem in the fingers,
after few days trying known what up,** i think** i discovery the problem but i don’t known what its the best way to fix/approach this and its given a headhache. :slight_smile:

Leap motion seems use negative rotation numbers when the palm/fingers its fancing the camera and positive when no.

then in my video example when palm rotation reach 180 the next value its -180 and the finger change the orientation. The same thing when passing from -180 to 180.

i think the solution its have 0 -360º a 0 -360º depending if finger are facing the camera or no.

any idea? thanks.

there is no -0 :slight_smile:

true! :o i edit.

i thinking this can be a plugin problem sending the finger rotation no?