Rotating whole screen?


I would like to make it so that if the player pushes a button, the entire screen/character rotates 90 degrees. Kind of like a reverse gravity thing, but instead of completely flipping upside down, only doing it halfway.

I want to make something where the person is moving really fast with walls on all sides, and when they push a button they can run on the wall.


I don’t think the engine supports that. UDK didn’t. Not out of the box anyway. Basically gravity always points downward. Period. LOL A few folks took a shot at creating it in code but I never heard about anyone actually pulling it off. The best you can do is flip the entire map by 90 degrees. But then if you have loose physics objects they will fall.

OK, thanks, how about running on walls?

Same deal. Gravity points in one direction and one direction only. You can rotate the entire level so that everything sticks to a wall but you can’t make one guy run on a wall while everyone else stays the same without some serious C++ coding.