Rotating the SunSky actor?

I’m fairly new to the Unreal Engine. Normally I’m a 3D-artist but at the moment I’m in parental leave so i though i use the time, to learn something new.
So i build our newly planed house according to the achitactual planes in Cinema 4D and imported it via Datasmith into UE4, what worked great. But now i have the problem that the Sun&Sky Actor is rotated 90° clockwise when i import it. And i can’t rotate it so that north is facing up. And it’s a little annoying to have to rotate all other content 90° and newly place it according to the planes.
Is there a way to rotate the Sun ans Sky Actor so that north is facing up as it is on every map an every where else?

Hi Astadena,

did you try to use the North Offset inside the SunSky BP? (see image attached!)
That should solve your problem. Or I didn’t get your problem right :smiley:

Aahhhh, i must have been blind … Thanks!!! Thank you so much!

I typically rotate my Directional Light on the Z axis